Bleach vs. Vinegar

Everyone wants to have a home or office that is as germ-free as possble so here is a little information to help you decide what product to use.

We are going to compare bleach to vinegar for this purpose.

The pros and cons of using bleach or vinegar is as follows:

     Pros:  While it is an extremely effective germ killer, it can actually singe your nose hairs and leave you gasping for breath. It has been regulated by the EPA meaning that it has been tested and proven to kill microorganisms such as E coli.  You don’t need much to get the job done either.  One part bleach to four parts water will make your bottle of bleach go a long way.

    Cons: The production process of bleach releases dioxin, which is cancer-causing as well as mercury, which will damage the brain.  This cleaning chemical can be harmful or fatal. According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, chlorine bleach poisoned over 14,000 children under the age of 6 in 2007. (This was the last year this information was available.)  


   Pros:  The vinegar you buy in stores contains 5% acetic acid which contain antimicrobial properties.  When vinegar is combined with table salt or hydrogen peroxide, it can stop the growth of many strains of E coli.  It has also been found to be an effective mold killer.  It doesn’t have a negative effect on the environment and the scent, even though it may be a bit strong, won’t damage your nose or other body parts. Another great thing about vinegar, it is odorless when it dries.

   Cons:  While vinegar will kill germs, to what extent isn’t exactly known because there have not been thorough testing done as has been with bleach.  It is a very good general cleaner though, helping to sanitize as well.  



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