Types of Cleaning Cloths

So here is a little bit of information about the differenty types of cleaning cloths to help you get whatever job you are doing done.

Rag cloths – Just what the name implies.  Old towels, worn out clothing like flannel shirts and nightgowns can all get ripped up and put into your rag bag. This will keep on hand a good supply of cleaning cloths that you can use for a wide variety of purposes.  When you have spills, other messes or just dusting – these rags will come in handy.

Washcloths – sometimes knows as washrags or facecloths are used for washing a persons face and body.  A recent study has shown that how a washcloth feels is not necessarily related to how well it cleans.  Washcloths may have either a single or a double layer of material which can be in a variety of weaves including fleece, terry, jersey and thermal. They may or may not come with a bound edge and they come in a few select sizes, including smaller ones for babies. Some washcloths even come with a place for inserting soap in some form.

Baby Wipes – these disposable toweletts are actually made of non-woven fabric and are treated to be gentle yet durable. They are packaged to retain moisture.  When packaged for adults, they may be called personal cleansing wipes or pre-moistened cleansing wipes but they should never be flushed down a toilet.

Kitchen Cleaning Cloths:

Terry cloths – a cotton cloth with inumerable loops that makes this cloth very absorbant.  It is very handy when it comes to blotting up stains. Old robes and towels may supply you with this type of cloth.

Microfiber – These cloths are made of woven, synthetic fiber with tiny loops that differ from the terry material. The loops on this type of cloth actually trap the dirt. They can be used wet or dry depending on the cleaning job you are using them for.  If using in the kitchen, you would want to use a cleaning solution to prevent germs. These cloths come in a variety of sizes and weights – anywhere from delicate to a more rough and tough cloth to handle the type of job you are tackling.

Polishing cloths – These are very soft cloths used to polish the silver or brass.  They will help in evenly distributing the polish. A special type of polishing cloth that can be used to get fingerprints off of metal is chamois.  Of course this cloth is often more widely known to be used on automobiles.

Well, there you go, have a great time cleaning!


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