Hidden Dust

Dusting is a big part of any house cleaning regimen but do you alaways get all the dust? Many times we dust what we see but dust gathers in many places that can be out of reach or difficult to get to.  If you suffer from allergies, you may want to pay attention to these more difficult places to clear the dust.

Pull out your refrigerator to get the dust and debris that gathers under and behind it.  

Under beds are places that most people don’t even bother with.  Lots of nasty dust can collect under the place you sleep which can cause allergies. 

Unless the tops of your cabinets touch the ceiling, then you will definitely find a build up of dust collecting in these places so try to get up there once in a while to prevent it. 

High woodwork is another place where dust can and will easily build up.

Don’t forget your fan blades.  Ceiling fans and house fans all collect dust.

Your computer is a place where dust loves to accumulate as well as small electronics so spend a little time to dust these.

Mini blinds are a great culprit for dust formations.  

There are many products on the market for sale that will help you in reaching high places and getting into cracks and crevices where dust will pop up.  Keeping as much of the dust out of your home is a key to keeping allergies at a minimum. 

Remember, just dusting isn’t always the best way to remove dust because the dust just flies into the air and lands somewhere else in the house.  Using a dampened cloth will make the dust adhere to it and then you can rinse the dust away, removing it from the house instead of just moving it around the house.

Always vacuum thoroughly after dusting as well to remove even more of the dust that manages to escape.


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