Kitchen Tips For Energy Efficiency

Here are some tips to keep your kitchen energy efficient and of course that always means saving money.

Don’t open your refrigerator multiple times if you know that you need several items.  Take out what you need at the same time that your fridge is open.

Try not to peak at what is cooking in your stove often.  If you can, use your stove light to check on cooking food.  Every time you open your stove, the stove has to work harder to restore it’s set temperature.

Put pots on the right burner for best energy use.  If you put a large pot on a small burner – it will take longer to heat the food and this uses more energy.  If you put a small pot on a large burner, this just wastes energy.

Check your freezers temperature setting.  If your ice cream is rock hard, you have your temperature set too low and this uses unnecessary energy to freeze food.

Try to use small appliances that are more energy efficient such as a toaster oven or a crock pot instead of heating you stove.  These appliances save you more money.

You can speed up the boiling of water if you place a lid on the pan.

If you have a self-cleaning oven, you can save energy by using the self-cleaning mode right after you have cooked something because your stove will still be hot and it will reach the high temperature needed to self-clean faster.

You may not think that these simple tips will really save you that much energy but if you impliment all of them on a regular basis, you will save money.


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