Easy Ways To Clean Up The Messy Stuff

It is always good to know ways to clean up spills, messes or other things that need to be done.  Here are several cleaning tips that you can add to your arsenol.

A cut up lemon, a few ice cubes and some salt – run this through your garbage disposal and you clean the gunky stuff away as well as eliminate odors.

If you want grease-free dishes, just add a few drops of vinegar to your dishwater.

Put a lemon slice in a bowl of water and then bring it to a boil in your microwave.  Wait till steam forms and when it does, open the door and wipe it down nice and easy.

To easily remove residue in crock pots, fill it with soapy water then cook on high for about an hour.  Rinse with a tablespoon of vinegar in the final rinse water.

You can clean stuck on food in pots and pans by putting water in it and placing it on the stove burner until it boils a few minutes.  Let sit about 5 minutes longer and clean.

Here is another one for baked on food grime.  Boil coca-cola in the pan to loosen it up.  This works in even the messiest pans.

To remove hard water build-up in ice cube trays,  soak trays in vinegar.

To make toilet bowls quick and easy to clean, drop an alka-seltzer in the bowl.  The fizzing action will act as a scrubber.  Just swish with your toilet brush and flush.

For streak-free stemware with a sparkle, wash by hand, then dip in a sink full of hot rinse water that has an added tablespoon of vinegar to it.  Dry it with a clean, soft cloth.

Here are a few tips for a stained or clouded coffee pot.  Fill your glass coffee pot with coca-cola and then let it sit overnight and then wash.  You could also run plain water with an added tablespoon of vinegar through the coffee making cycle, then run another pot of plain water through it.

For general carpet stains – blot up as much as possible with paper towels. Then moisten stain with club soda, blot it and then repeat.  Once the stain is removed, place several layers of plain white rags over wet spot.  Place books or a heavy object on top for about an hour to soak up any remaining moisture.

Wine stains on the carpet makes everyone nervous.  Just carefully blot up as much of the wine as possible, do not rub or scrub.  Cover the stain in table salt to soak up the rest of the wine.

Need to remove tarnish from brass objects?  Just soak them in cherry kool-aid for  ten minutes.  Rinse and wipe dry.

Pour boiling water down your drain pipes once a week to keep them free from clogs.

Now you have more to work with when it comes to cleaning up the messy stuff.  Happy Cleaning.


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