Strange Natural Cleaning Tips

Many years ago, before companies came out with a wide variety of cleaning products with chemicals, people used natural cleaning aids.

Use lemon juice on stains and rust on plastic, diluted or not.

Use diluted lemon juice on a curry stain on the carpet to remove it.  This will also freshen fabric.

Dab soda water on a stained carpet to remove it.

To remove water marks from wooden surfaces, use a small amount of toothpaste or mayonaise on a damp cloth.

To remove fingerprints from your walls, use a slightly moist, stale piece of white bread.

To make your stainless steel shine, pour some flour over it, rinse and buff.

Use white vinager and water, with a 1:5 ratio to remove tough, hard stains.  This also has disinfectant properties.

To remove lime from a showerhead, soak it in white vinegar overnight.

Remove hard water marks in your toilet bowl by using a little bit of cola, leaving it sit for an hour and then flushing.

To make your plant leaves shine for weeks, rub in a little milk or mayonaise with a paper towel.

To make small copper items shine, rub with a cotton swab that has been dipped in ketchup and then buff.

To remove sticker marks from plastic tubs and items, use WD-40.

On a soft clean cloth to shine porcelain, chrome or glass – use a little vodka.

Use rice to clean the inside of vasesor hard to reach areas.  Just mix some rice with a water/vinegar solution – shake vigorously and shake out.

To remove rust from an item, soak it in a pot of strong black tea from anywhere to an hour to overnight depending on the amount of rust. 

To remove mineral stains from glass that have been built up by dishwashers or hard water, rub with freshly peeled potatoe skins and then buff.

Well I hope you have enjoyed some of these more natural methods of getting things clean.  


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