Some Cleaning Tips From Men

So there is this rumor going aroud that men do housework too.  Ok, so it’s true, they do and as a matter of fact, they have some tips that they would like to share so I thought I would pass them your way – enjoy!

Put all your cleaning supplies, products and necessities together in one place and have them ready to go so they are ready as soon as you are.

Have a plan of action – decide what you are going to clean and how, then stick like glue.  This will save you time and you will be more efficient.

Make every minute count. Have the dishwasher going at the same time as the laundry while you are busy doing other chores.  You want to get in and out as fast as possible.

Ad an incentive – give yourself a little reward that you will really like and keep it in sight at the place where you will be when you are at the end of your cleaning checklist.  This helps speed things along.  Men like beer, what do you like?

Wipe shower walls with car wax to prevent soap scum buildup.  This only needs to be done once a year.

Buy a drain claw for $7. With a simple push and twist – your drain is unclogged and without using any harsh chemicals.

Tape two vacuum hoses together and ad a soft brush attachment and attach this to a skylight crank to get to the cobwebs that lurk up on very high ceilings.

To clean aluminum pots that are crusted up with cooked-on gunk, use grade 3  synthetic steel wool pads from the hardware store.

Spray a fuzzy abrasive tennis ball with your favorite all purpose cleaner to easily remove scuff marks from floors and walls.  You can also clean patio furniture with it.

To clean glass, use squeegees.  They are the best tools for windows, tiles, shower doors and mirrors.

So hopefully there are a few tips here you might want to try out.  Happy Cleaning. 


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