Must Read Ironing Tips

Here are some ironing tips that I think will be very useful to you.  Enjoy.

You should start out by sorting your clothes.  Do this according to temperature from coolest to hottest.  Silks and synthetics will be ironed on low to medium heat, wool will be ironed on medium to high setting and linens and cottons on the high temperature setting.  It is very important to iron each garment at the right temperature setting so after setting the temperature controls, let the iron sit a few minutes to allow it to reach the proper temperature.

Be sure to always hang up or fold your clothes immediately after ironing.

Make sure you never iron using circular motions as this will stretch the fabric.  Iron fabrics lengthwise and blast the wrinkled areas with steam.

A good tip for ironing large items such as tablecloths or curtains is to set up two chairs next to your ironing board.  As you work on your large item, use the chairs to fold the piece as you go along.  You can also use a table top but you should pad it with a towel.  Be sure that your table top won’t be harmed by the hot temperatures and the steam.

When ironing sensitive materials, you should use a pressing cloth over the garment such as a clean, cotton cloth, napkin or handkerchief.  You can turn them inside out to protect them from becoming shiny or singed.

If you must use an extention cord for your iron, please be sure to use a 12 amp cord because using a lightweight cord could overheat and cause a fire.  Be careful to place the extention cord where no one will trip over it.

When working with pleats, start from the bottom.  Work from the inside of the pleat to the outside.  Set the pleats with a shot of steam. 

In order to allow the creases to set, let clothes sit for a few hours after ironing.

I hope these tips were helpful.  Happy ironing.  


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