Christmas Tree Cleanup Made Easy

Hey there guys, it’s getting to be near that time of the year where we all start spending all our money to decorate our house, buy a tree, decorate the tree, bake some yummy stuff, spend a small forture wrapping presents that we maxed our credit cards  out for and plan a big meal to celebrate our broke bank accounts.  

But…there is good news!  I am going to tell you how to make cleaning up your Christmas tree less of a hassle than it usually is.  🙂

First, start from the minute you bring your beautifully new non-decorated pine tree into your home.  Be sure to water it generously.  This keeps is from getting extremely dried out and when that happens, you loose a ton of pine needles.  Ok, so you are going to have them all over anyway but it is true, keeping your tree well-watered really keeps half of them on the tree – well at least until you want to take your tree outside.

Next, use a large tree skirt around your tree.  Not only does this skirt hide the tree stand holder, it also makes  for a lovely decoration and presentation for all those expensive and wonderful gifts you just spent a fortune on so you might as well go ahead and do it up nicely.  The best part is – when you are ready to dispose of your tree.  Many of the pine needles will have made their way to the tree skirt which makes it an easier job of just wrapping up the tree skirt, taking it outside and shaking all the needles off of it.

Next on the list of things to make your life just a little easier – use a tree bag, a handy little invention that lets you place the entire tree into the giant sized trash bag starting from the top of the tree and then you can tie it around the trunk.  Just think of how excited you will be when you drag your tree through the house to the street and there will be no trail of pine needles behind you.  YAY!

Ok, so now it’s time to sweep up what remains on the floor after all is said and done.  You could use your vacuum but many of the needles have a tendency to get trapped in the nozzle and tube which can be a hassle to get them out.  It could be just as easy to use your broom to give it a quick sweep first.  You will get the majority of the little buggers.  If you like, you can still run the vacuum over it just to be sure none of them went on vacation deep down in your rug.

Sometimes those  little pine needles are still spotted a few days after you thought you got rid of everything.  Just have the little ones pick them up for you when they see them.  Give them a little snack for their efforts.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and try not to spend too much money.


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