Tips For Avoiding Accidents At Home: Home Safety Tips

Here are a few tips to keep your home safe from accidents.  

Be sure stairways are free from debris and clutter.  Make sure they are well lit.  Same for walkways.

Purchase gates that lock from the banister to the wall to prevent toddlers from falling down stairs.

It is always a good idea to tie up miniblind chords and drapery as these could potentially cause a strangulation or tripping hazzard for children.

Doors can catch little fingers so if you can remove the ones that are not used for privacy.

Sliding glass doors have been the cause of some pretty bad accidents from accidentally running into them.  Placing stickers or colored tape will help prevent a potentially dangerous accident.

Installing locks on doors leading to outside or hazardous rooms like to basement and garage is a great idea to keep people out, especially little ones who could really get into trouble.  Installing the locks above the reach of children for these places is the best bet. 

Replacing regular doorknobs with lever handles is good for easier grip.  This helps children to open doors easier and assist people who’s grip is weak.

Be sure that any heavy objects in the house are secured or won’t topple down easily.   People tend to lean against furniture or fixtures and kids love to  climb on everything.  Be sure that bookcase isn’t going to fall over easily or anything else.  If you have an object that may not be so secure, you fasten it to the wall if you have to.

If you have furniture that has sharp corners, it is a good idea to pad the corners.  It will definitely prevent accidents.

Be sure house plants are not accessible to little ones or crawlers.  Some plants are poisonous and leaves could cause a choking hazard. 

There are just a few steps you can take to reduce the chances of serious accidents in your  home.  Take precautions before its too late.


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