Coconut Oil Awesome For Skin and Hair

Coconut Oil is very nourishing for your sking and hair.  

The best natural ingredient for skin lotion is pure virgin coconut oil.  It provides and prevents destructive free-radical formation.  It will also help to prevent blemishes and liver spots from aging and over-exposure to the sun.  Coconut oils aids in keeping the connective tissue soft and supple preventing skin sagging and wrinkling.  It is easily absorbed through the skin and right into the cell of the connective tissue.  By doing this, it actually has the ability to restore damaged skin and the benefits are long lasting unlike other lotions.  The coconut oil will remove the layer of dead skin cells, making the skin smoother, more evenly textured and with a healthy shine.  It will also strengthen the underlying tissues by penetrating deeply into the layers.  

Coconut oil is one of the most effective conditioner ever and will assist in regrowth of hair that has been damaged.  Coconut oil is widely used both internally and externally because it is rich in nutrients and good fats.  Be sure to purchase pure coconut oil free from additives to ensure the most benefits.  The coconut oil works by penetrating the hair shaft.  Hair is a hollow tube so the oil penetrates right through to the hollow space.  It fills up the hair shaft and makes hair look more dense – giving it more body.  It also gives each hair strand extra protection benefits.  Hair becomes damaged because the hair fibers will constantly swell and shrink due to water retention and absorbtion.  When the coconut oil penetrates the hair shaft, it prevents this swelling from occuring and therefore reducing the chance of possible hair damage.  Many people lose hair from protein loss which results in weak and unhealthy hair.  The coconut oil helps in significantly protecting hair against protein loss.  If your hair is dry and weak, it means that internal moisture is not abundant.  The oil will act as a seal from the outside and this prevents the internal moisture from escaping.  Coconut oil conditions the hair from within, supplying moisture to hair follicles which protects the hair from heat and the environment.  The oil contains antibacterial properties and nutrients as well as being very nourishing to the scalp by stimulating blood circulation.  It can help control cradle cap and dandruff.

So you see, there are many great reasons to get yourself a bottle of pure coconut oil.  Enjoy!


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