Good Ideas For Dealing With The Snow

Ok, so here we are – cold weather time.  Cold weather usually brings the snow so here are some really cool items that can help make your winter snowy days a little better.  

First and foremost – keep yourself warm.  You can invest in bed buddies hand and foot warmers.  These will keep your hands and feet nice and toasty.  You can pick these up at Walmart for about $20 a pair.  You just heat in the microwave and it lasts quite a while.

When walking on snow and ice, it is so easy to slip and fall.  To prevent this from happening, you can buy a pair of ice cleats.  These will improve traction and all you have to do is slip them over your shoes and boots.  You can purchase these at for about $20.

For clearing sidewalks, use a de-icer on your sidewalk before a storm and then use salt to remove the ice after it has formed. 

To creat a slip-free surface, use an ice and snow carpet and just roll it out over the surfaces you walk on.  These run about $15 to $25

To keep your entrance clear of snow and ice, use heated entrance mats and stair treads.  This also helps from tracking snow and ice inside.  These run about  $129.

If you have difficulty shoveling, you can try a modified shovel such as the Wovel which is a shovel with a wheel.  It moves snow without you having to twist or lift.  Cost is approximately $115.

If you hate scraping your windshield, try a windshield cover for approximately $15.   You can also invest in a heated scraper that you can plug into your car’s lighter.  These run about $10

If you have any other suggestions for staying safe in the snow or snow removal tips, please leave it in a comment for others to enjoy.  Stay warm.


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