Turn Your Chores Into A Healthy Workout

Cleaning is a great time to get some exercise in – especially if you are a busy mom who doesn’t always have time to get to the gym or do a workout at home. 

The medical profession is now acknowledging that even short periods of exercise is beneficial so lets get more out of our chores than just a sparkling clean house – lets keep fit while we are at it.  

Here are some tips from a fitness trainer and author of a fitness book.  Have fun and enjoy!

First, start out by putting on some fun, fast music – something you really enjoy!  Let the music pick up your pace so you get your cleaning done even faster.  Smile and enjoy the housework.

To prevent you slouching, always keep your abs tight.  Great for your muscles and your back.

When you need to reach up high such as to clean cobwebs or pruning a limb – be sure to stretch extra high so you can feel the stretch in your sides.

If you are in decent shape, carry heavy baskets of laundry up and downstairs.  Only do what you can.

Use large up and down movements or large circular movements when wiping down surfaces such as shower doors and counter tops.

If you can, climb on a step ladder – it will be just like you’re in a step class.

Scrub floors on your hands and knees.  If you can’t get down on your knees, then put a rag under one foot and use your foot and leg to scrub the floors.  Remember to alternate feet.

When doing your vacuuming, do lunges but remember to keep your toes pointed straight ahead and don’t bend your knees more than 90 degrees.  This will help tone your thighs.

Give your waist a little twist when putting things away in cabinets or putting your dishes away.   Help keep that little waistline.

If you do garden work, do lunges when you are weeding.  Some weeds have very long roots so that will give your legs a workout.

Anything heavier you may have to lift and put down will require a squat.

If you have area rugs, take them outside and beat them with a broom instead of vacuuming.  This works your arms, chest, upper back and requires more steps to get outside. 

When doing the vacuuming – pretend it is a lawnmower and walk up and down your carpet making rows just like you would if you were trimming the lawn.

When it comes time for mopping, keep your hands at the top of the mop.  This will keep your back straight.   You can also put one leg in front of the other and do lunges while you mop.  

Dancing while you are moving about the house is fun and burns more calories.  Try it – it makes housework much more fun.


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