Toilet Plunging Made Easier

Cleaning the toilet has to be one of the worst chores ever and unclogging one is ever worse.  Well any cleaning item that makes this job a much better one is alright by me so I thought I would let you know about it.  Rubbermaid Clean & Dry plunger does the trick nicely.  

This particular plunger is coated with NeverWet(TM) nonotech coating that will repel water, germs and … other things.  The really nice thing about this plunger is that the water will bead up and roll right off the plunger so it won’t drip and make a mess everywhere when taking it out of the toilet bowl.  It works kind of like car wax does.  This will also help to minimize germs which in turn, aids your home in keeping more sanitary.  The head of the plunger is very effective.  The NeverWet coating will stay on for thousands of uses.

There are a few down sides to the Clean & Dry plunger but they aren’t much of anything to worry about.  Don’t clean with soap because it could damage the coating; instead, use bleach.  The natural oils on your skin could also damage the NeverWet coating but then again, do you really want to touch the plunger part of this cleaning tool anyway?  LOL  Next and lastly, this plunger may not work with some low-flow toilets with larger openings.  Otherwise, this baby is awesome! Plunge away.  


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