Look What Is Lurking In Your Home!

Ever skip out on housecleaning because you were too busy or just too lazy?  Here is a fantastic reason to call Sheri’s so you never have to worry about dust again.  Here’s why: Dust is made up of these lovely little critters in the picture.  Household dust is comprised of dead skin cells, live dust mites, dust mite feces, dead dust mites, pollen and allergens, clothing fibers, combustion byproducts from smoking for example, and pesticide residue.        

If you live in a new home, then there are even more.  There is drywall and cement dust, fresh paint fumes, off-gasing from new appliances, flooring chemicals, adhesive fumes, and volatile organic compounds.

You can easily see why this would be a major concern for the members in your household.  The amount of dust contaminant ingestion is alarming considering the average person is breathing in an astonishing rate of 50 billion particles per hour. According to Dr. Stephen J. Gislason MD. (Air and Breathing, 2011) explains that “Fine-particulate air pollution is known to contribute to cardiovascular and lung disease, increasing the risk of heart attacks and a heart-related death”.  Adding pesticides will just compound that risk, especially in children because these particles float in the air and children are always putting their hands or other objects in their mouth. 

Indoor air can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air, according to the Environmental Protection Agency and can be a major contributing factor in severe allergies, life-threatening asthma and heart-related deaths. The majority of air pollution is invisible to the naked eye and therefore can be absorbed into your bloodstream and the walls of your lungs without you even realizing it went up your nose. 

You can protect yourself be becoming very serious about dust removal.  Dusting on a daily basis is a must but also wiping everything down is very important because all that dust just floats through the air.  Wiping it away with a wet cloth will capture a lot of the dust, but there is still a lot of dust floating through the air.  Investing in a very high quality air purifier has been clinically proven to reduce even the ultra tiny indoor air contaminants by up to 99.99% effectively.

 Call Sheri’s and let us help to keep your home dust free!

Sheri’s Cleaning Service


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