Crazy Cleaning Inventions

This should definitely make some interesting reading for everyone out there trying to keep your homes tidy.  Enjoy!


If you are just too squeamish about getting too close to killing those dang bugs, this unique pair of slippers may be your answer.


Don’t feel like dusting or mopping the floor – get your kids to do it with this baby mop. 


 Ear wax really drive you nuts – make sure you see every last bit of it while cleaning your ears out with this handy dandy ear cleaning device complete with video camera.



Now it’s easy to get all those hard to reach places clean with this tiny mini usb vacuum cleaner. 


Ok, so now how is this get-up for ya?  Take a bath in this human-size washing machine.  Just climb in with a ladder, set your temperature and this baby will pre-rinse you by spraying you with hot water for several minutes, wash your body using ultra sonic wave generator to create air bubbles that will clean your body during a three minute bath.  I hear it even acts as a dryer too.  Humm… you may have to alter your bathroom a bit.



Hate cleaning your bathroom – hire this guy.  He will clean your tub, shower, floor, sinks and walls.  All you have to do is hook him up to the water tap and he will do the rest.  This robot was made in Russia.



This vacuum ball contains an internal motor that works by shifting the center of gravity in order to make it move.  It will automatically go back to it’s base when the battery is dead.  So you can just let this thing wander around cleaning up after you but you will still have to find another robot to get near walls and under the sofa. lol

Well there you have it, a few interesting devices that could someday be of use or for sale.  So be on the lookout and get your inventions out there. 




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