They Even Clean In Outer Space

Cleaning is such an important task – everything needs to be kept cleaning and our highly trained staff is more than capable of doing that. One place that Sheri’s Cleaning Service can not get to in order to clean is in outer space.  Even space stations and the space shuttle needs cleaning. 

Astronauts take turns cleaning up after themselves and their crew members. Between their duties, the astronauts spend some time keeping their smaller living space cleaned.  After meals, the meal area is messy so they have to clean up the mess, wipe down the surfaces and collect the garbage. The air purification system filters need to always be cleaned as well.  

The astronauts use disposable plastic gloves, multi-purpose wiping clothes, liquid detergent and a vacuum cleaner to do their cleaning.  They use a spray bottle to spray on the liquid detergent and using plastic gloves, they wipe down all the surfaces. They vacuum the dust often to prevent the filters from clogging.  The garbage is tied up in trash bags and put in a certain containment area.  Everything is then disposed of when they get back to Earth. 

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The  picture is  of an astronaut vacuuming in the space shuttle.


One thought on “They Even Clean In Outer Space

  1. At the International Space Station ISS repairs are often needed on the exterior, the problem is it is a lot of work to send out a manned space walk to do this. Astronauts need oxygen and they have the problems of human error. Yet if we use robots, well they do not complain, unless programmed too. Robots in fact could spend months to fix something, astronauts five day space walk missions are about all we can muster right now and if we cannot get it done in time, imagine the cost for another launch. What about Fatigue factors, which take a toll on the organic components of the human body? Costs to send up a space crew to do repairs can be millions if not billions of dollars..

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