How To Save Time Cleaning

Hey guys, 

How has everyone’s week been?  I thought I would spend a few minutes giving you some helpful hints about how to save yourself time cleaning.  

Naturally, hiring a cleaning service is the best way because not only does it save you precious time, it also serves as a way to keep your home constantly fresh, very clean and helps fight against allergens that can cause your family illness.  

For those times when you do not have your cleaning service there, here are a few things you can do to save yourself hours of unnecessary cleaning.  

Everyone can find 5 minutes during their day.  Spending a few minutes doing little tasks that we tend to put off can literally save you hours of clean up time later.

If you empty out your dishwasher every morning  so that everyone in the family can just load their dirty dishes throughout the day, this save you time from having to unload the dishwasher later and put the pile of dishes from the sink into it later.  

Other small tasks you can do during the day to save you time later would be to fold the laundry as soon as it comes out of the dryer.  Instead of piling up all the laundry to fold later.  Another task we tend to put off is sorting through the mail.  Many of us let the mail pile up and form piles that can be a real pain to go through later.  Every day when the mail comes in, go through it and form a way to organize it so that you know exactly what to do with every piece of mail.  Get a file organizer and place your bills in each section that you can label for each different bill such as electric and car insurance.  Don’t let that mail pile up.

Stay tuned for part two of how to save time cleaning.  Check back often for awesome cleaning tips, savings and articles that will keep you and your family healthier.  


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