Great Closet Organizing Tips

If you are like me, then you have things in your bedroom closet that have been in there way to long.  Even after you clean it out, you go through items and say, “What the heck, I’ll keep it and wear it next year.”  Whatever the reason, those items end up getting a place back in your closet and your closet doesn’t have enough space as it is.  Well here is a little something that I once leaned a long time ago to get that closet cleaned out the way it should be – something that encourages me to get rid of that one outfit that I will swear to fit into next summer.  

Begin by placing a tag on each garment – shoes included.  As you wear each item, remove the tag from the hangar and at the end of the season – whatever still has a tag on it, donate to your favorite clothing charity or goodwill.  

Here are a few tips that you can use if you have a small bedroom closet.  If your closet is tiny like mine is, then space is something you could use more of.  Try purchasing multiple accessory hangers.  You can hang multiple pieces of clothing on one hanger which will save space. There are my types of these hangers available such as multiple pants hangers, accessories hangers and hangers for belts and ties.  

The closet doors should definitely be utilized as well.  There are many things you can do to save space when using the closet door. If you have a lot of shoes, then a shoe rack or pocket holder would be a good thing to hang on the inside of the door. If shoes aren’t your thing, then you can hang an accessory bag from it and load it up with all those neat items you own.  Hanging spare purses from a hanger on the inside of your door or door knob is another way to utilize that space. 

Let’s not forget the floor of that closet.  There are many types of organizers that will fit on the floor of your small closet.  Even organizers that will fit one on top of the other.  You can even get a small shelving unit.

Finally, you can purchase a closet doubler.  This is a bar that attaches to your closet rack and allows you to hang double the amount of clothes then before. You can pick one of these up at your department store for around $10. 

Well I will leave you with these great ideas.  Happy organizing. 🙂

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