Taking Care of Your Carpet – Saves You a Lot of Money

Hi again everyone,

I hope everyone is having a great week!  Today I want to talk about little tips you can use to keep your carpet clean and in good shape.  

Of course the best way to keep your carpet in the best possible shape is to not actually walk on it but since that is not something you can do – then you can try these tips.

Vacuum often – this help dirt particles from being ground into the carpet and slowly destroying the carpet fibers.  You can keep a lot of dirt off the carpet in the first place by taking your shoes off before entering a carpeted room, especially the kids after coming in from a hard day of play.  It may be a little bit harder to try to get guests to comply with this request but since you and your family live in the house, then the majority of the dirt will come from you guys. Using a mat at the doorway can be of some help, and some people like to use runners along the high traffic areas of their carpet. While these things can certainly help – keep in mind that it takes approximately 27 steps for all the dirt and debris to fall off shoes.

Before you vacuum – sprinkle some baking soda on the carpets, leave sit for a few mintues and then vacuum up.  The baking soda works great to eliminate any carpet odors that may be present. Vacuuming will extend the life of your carpet while also removing dust and dust mites and this also helps to prevent allergies. 

If someone has an opps, and they spill something on the carpet that will leave a stain, be sure to tend to that stain as quickly as possible.  Then longer the spill stays on the carpet, the more it soaks in and the harder it will be to get out.  Also, you will want to be sure not to use hot water on stains as this will only bake the stain right in there. 

Try steam cleaning your carpet twice a year for maximum benefits. After you finish steam cleaning, a carpet protector should be applied. It coats the carpet fiber and this will help prevent stains from setting in.  It will also protect it from abrasion therefor making your carpet last longer.

Places between carpets and hard floors that are tiled, wood or other hard surface is a problem as well.  The place where the carpet and hard floor meet is a heavy soil area.  When you walk over this area, the soil sticks to your shoes and is then transferred to the carpet, so be sure to keep the hard surfaces clean as well. 

Maintaining your carpet will keep you from having to replace it and this will save you thousands of dollars.  


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