Tips for keeping your kitchen germ free.

So who loves to clean?  If you’re in the cleaning business, then you appreciate everything that goes into making a home or business the cleanest it can possibly be . So the answer is we at Sheri’s love to clean and clean. This is great news for you because this means that you don’t have to.  Just give us a call and we will come in and give you a FREE in-home estimate.  

For those times that Sheri’s isn’t there making your home germ free, then let us give you a little extra help right here.  Kitchens are such a pain to clean with all those cracks, crevices and places that germs can build up.  To help keep your kitchen as clean as you can in between professional cleanings, here is a few things that you can do.  

After you clean your sink, wipe the spigots and the area that the water comes out with bleach.  Then pour about a half a cup of bleach down the drain.  This not only helps to keep it unclogged, it also helps to keep the germs away.  You can leave a thin layer of bleach in the sink as well but be sure to keep your kitchen ventilated due to the strong bleach odor. Wait about a half an hour and rinse everything very thoroughly.  The bleach will not hurt your pipes. 

Another thing you can do to keep the odor that can sometimes build up from your dishwasher at bay is to sprinkle some borax in the bottom of your dishwasher and leave it sit overnight. The next day, wipe down the inside of your dishwasher, the door and the rest of the surfaces with a damp cloth.  You don’t need to rinse, just do the next load of dishes. Avoid using sponges for extended periods of time as these will begin to multiply germs.  If you do use sponges, soak in bleach regularly to prevent the germ buildup. 

Well that is how you can make your kitchen healthier and cleaner.  Don’t forget to give Sheri’s a call so we can do all your Dirty work – we love to clean!


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